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Top 10 Contemporary Film Schools in Canada

Study and learn from a first class education system.

Are you fascinated by what goes on beyond the camera lens and behind the scenes of a movie? You can consider joining a film school in Canada and completing film-making courses.

International students who wish to apply abroad usually prefer to study in Canada, because of multiple reasons that range right from top-tier education to quality exposure.

The Canadian education system is publicly funded and is considered one of the best options for students planning to apply abroad.

In acting, talent is important but training is beneficial to improve acting skills. Hence, going to a film school in Canada is necessary for your career.

Furthermore, a career in the film industry has a great scope. Courses in Canada can provide students with an excellent education and the practical experience needed for the enhancement of their careers.

The best filmmaking schools in Canada can help you get this rewarding career. More so, many film schools in Canada offer top-class programs specific to the film industry.

Nonetheless, if you have chosen Canada as your place of study, there are many film schools in Canada, theatre schools, and best-performing art schools to choose from.

Whichever one you decide to go for, this article is going to shade more light on some of the best film schools in Canada and best-performing arts schools in Canada.

Why Go to Canadian film Schools?

Aside from the fact that Canada is one of the most popular studies abroad destinations, there are numerous film schools in Canada.

Indeed, many film schools in Canada have ranked the best acting schools in the world.

In light of this, these acting schools have openings for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies. And yes! They come with advanced certificates and degrees.

General requirements for admission into film schools in Canada

The application process for applying to Film School in Canada could be a lengthy one and hence candidates must always keep all the required documents handy at the time of application.

Given below are the important documents required for the application process.

  • High school (or the equivalent) graduates must submit original or notarized transcripts. If your high school transcripts are not in English, you need to submit translated transcripts.
  • Transfer students from other universities or post-secondary institutions must submit original or notarized transcripts.

If your post-secondary transcripts are not in English, you need to submit translated transcripts. To transfer your credits from another university or post-secondary institution.

  • We may need to determine the Canadian equivalency of your high school or post-secondary credits through an outside evaluation service.

Approved evaluation services include Ontario Comparative Education Assessment Service, International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS of Canada), World Education Services (WES Canada).

  • If your native language is not English, you will need to submit documentation for an IELTS 5.5 or equivalent for entry into most academic programs.

If you do not have any English test score and/or need to improve your English skills, you will need to complete a full-time English Language program

Based on the study level, the requirements are quite different. An undergraduate requirement for admission is quite different from that of a graduate study.

 Top 10 Best film schools in Canada

However, you can go through the details given below and choose the best film schools in Canada at your convenience.

Here are some affordable film schools in Canada for students who want to get the best education in film studies.

  1. Capilano University, North Vancouver
  2. Concordia University, Montreal
  3. InFocus Film School, Vancouver
  4. Langara College, Vancouver
  5. Red Deer College, Red Deer
  6.  Ryerson University, Toronto
  7. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  8. Toronto Film School, Toronto
  9. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  10. Vancouver Film School, Vancouver
  1. Capilano University, North Vancouver

Capilano School of Motion Picture Arts is one of the best film schools in Canada inspiring a new generation of Canadian filmmakers by providing real production experience such that graduates make a great contribution in the film world.

More so, the average tuition fee at Capilano University for undergraduates is approximately CAD 19,000 per academic year while Post-graduate program fees are approximately CAD 33,000 per year.

In addition, they offer a range of programs and courses for people looking for careers in the following:

2D Animation & Visual Development, 3D Animation for Film & Games, Motion Picture Arts, Digital Visual Effects (VFX), Costuming for Stage, Screen, and Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking among others.

Furthermore, the university has an average class size of 25:1 students. Smaller group sizes result in a more personalized learning experience for students, allowing more one-on-one time with their instructors.

International students in Capilano University are eligible for many of the scholarship awards some of which are allocated according to academic achievement, special achievement and financial need.

These are a great way for you to fund your studies as an international student.

  1. Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema – Concordia University

The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal is a huge university-based film school in Canada. It is one of the most popular film schools in Canada.

More so, it is a centre for the study of film production, film animation, and film studies in Canada.

Students discover the aesthetic and technical practices of production, learn the techniques of animation and get to know the meaning of the film deeply.

Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema tuition fee is between CAD 100 to CAD 500 in a first-year filmmaking course. $500 – $3,000 in a second- or third-year course.

In addition, financial scholarship awards are available for international students.

  1. InFocus Film School in Canada, Vancouver

The InFocus film school is one of the best film schools in Canada where you can get a quality education.

Its mission is to educate students with a superior film education through accelerated, hands-on learning. InFocus instructors guide students through multiple assignments that develop a bright student portfolio.

In addition, they guide students to make them realize their personal artistic visions and grow as visual storytellers.

More so, their classes include an interactive experience that includes demonstration, theory and follow-up assignments. InFocus tuition fee is CAD 21,450 per year.

  1. Langara College, Vancouver

Langara College Film Arts is one of the best film schools in Canada with an intensive and comprehensive program for a period of eight-month.

Furthermore, this college is for the candidates wishing to work in the current film industry as Directors, Writers or Actors.

The program starts in the month of January and ends in the month of August.

In addition, this program offers post-accreditation certificates in three streams of study; acting for the Screen, writing for the Screen, and directing for the Screen.

Courses in film principles, film studies and film practice overlap which creates a collaborative and creative environment in which students can exercise their skills with the other creators in each area.

Indeed, these overlapping courses are built so that students can understand different aspects of the filmmaking process.

Full-time tuition in Langara College Film Arts is CAD 21,375 for both Domestic and International students.

  1. Red Deer College, Red Deer

Unique to Canadian film schools, Red Deer’s Bachelor of Applied Motion Picture Arts provides an intensive post-diploma course for graduates and industry professionals.

With more stress on dramatic narrative filmmaking, the program makes you ready to tell your stories to the world through motion pictures.

Red Deer College tuition fee ranges between CAD 5,600 ) and CAD 22,068.

  1. Ryerson University, Toronto

Ryerson’s School of Image Arts is recognized as one of the best undergraduate film school in Canada offering specializations in film and photography with the help of lecture, lab courses and studio.

Furthermore, students gain skills in all aspects of filmmaking including directing, writing, production design, cinematography and editing.

More so, students in film studies make fiction, documentary or experimental videos and films every year in the program of 4 years.

Of course, graduates have built their careers in directing, producing, editing, cinematography, as well as many of the craft positions that form the backbone of filmmaking.

Ryerson University tuition fees range from CAD 7,044 to CAD 11,163.

  1. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Next in our list of top-notch film schools in Canada is Simon Fraser University located in Vancouver.

Film school at Simon Fraser is an interdisciplinary program along with rigorous technical training and guidance in cinema studies,

As a prospective student, you will get a deep understanding of other artistic disciplines too.

More so, you will learn by making your own films and videos, working closely with local and global instructors and experts.

These relationships turn into long-term partnerships after studies, leading many graduates from the film school in Canada to produce prize-winning films.

Simon Fraser University tuition fee for indigenes is CAD 2,770 while International student tuition fee is CAD 12,125.

  1. Toronto Film School Toronto

If you are looking for one of the film schools in Canada that offers a diploma degree within 12 to 18 years you can give Toronto University a shot.

Of course, Toronto Film School in Canada offers accelerated diploma programs to prepare students for a career in film production, acting, graphic design and interactive media, and writing for TV and film.

Industrial experts, approved under Ontario’s Private Career Colleges Act, and concentrates on real-world industry experience, teach all on-campus programs.

Toronto Film School tuition fee is between CAD 33,390 and CAD 21,900

  1. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

This university offers a wide range of degrees in the study of Theatre and Film including the option to study in a multidisciplinary culture with creative writing and other university disciplines.

Furthermore, courses provide students with core disciplines and knowledge of the diversity of aesthetic practices along with practical experience.

A four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program is taught at different of locations around the University of British Columbia campus including the NBC Studio.

More so, its ultimate goal is to educate students in a liberal arts context preparing them for a wide range of careers in theatre production, acting, filmmaking, writing, academic research etc.

Hence, it is one of the best film schools in Canada for International students and Canadians with the tuition fee for the school of CAD 22,027.

  1. Vancouver Film School, Vancouver

Vancouver Film School’s programs include each area of the film and television world, from the idea generation to post-production.

More so, you will learn your program through hands-on experience. You will create a portfolio or demo reel that will show your capabilities to employers in Vancouver and internationally.

Program options in Vancouver film school includes, Film Production, Acting for Film and Television, Sound Design for Visual Media, Makeup Design for Film and Television and Writing for Film etc.

Without a doubt, Vancouver film school is one of the best film schools for international students, offering scholarship opportunities.

Vancouver Film School tuition fee is CAD 35,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out more about the Toronto Film School?

All you need to do is to fill out an information request form online and an Admissions Advisor will follow up with you shortly to answer all of your questions.


Finally, getting a film education in Canada can be a great experience for foreign students.

We hope that we have helped you to make the decision regarding film schools in Canada with the information in this article.

However, if you want to obtain a degree alongside your acting training, some research into the Universities and Colleges we explained would be a great place to start.

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