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Switzerland Registered Over 1,700 Asylum Applications in June

The Swiss authorities have announced that the country received a high number of asylum applications in June too.

According to Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Migration, the country registered a total of 1,726 asylum applications in June 2022, 251 more than in May.

Comparing the number of applications submitted in June with the number of those in May, it means that Switzerland registered an increase of 17 per cent, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The number of applications received in June 2022 also increased compared to June 2021. In June 2022, Switzerland received 356 more asylum applications than in the same month last year.

The majority of the asylum applications in June 2022 were filed by nationals of Afghanistan (488), Türkiye (406), Eritrea (142), Algeria (81), and Syria (77).

The Swiss Secretariat for Migration explained that of the total number of applications submitted in June, 1,387 of them were primary applications.

“Of the 1,726 applications submitted in June, 1,387 were primary applications (May 2022: 1,176 primary applications). Persons who make a primary request do so independently of other persons who have already requested protection,” the statement of the Secretariat reads.

The highest number of first-time asylum applications was filed by nationals of Afghanistan (455), Türkiye (399), Georgia (65), and Syria (44).

Despite receiving a high number of applications, the State Secretariat for Migration revealed that it processed a total of 1,154 asylum applications in June 2022. The Secretariat made 246 non-admission decisions, of which 173 were based on the Dublin Agreement. In addition, the same granted asylum to 355 people and provisionally admitted as part of the first-instance processing 318 people.

As for the number of cases pending in the first instance, it was revealed that the number increased by 685 to 5,959 compared to the previous month.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the Secretariat stressed that 420 people were returned to their country of origin in a controlled manner in June 2022.

“Switzerland asked another Dublin country to take over 518 people, and 113 people were transferred to the responsible Dublin country in the same period. At the same time, Switzerland was asked by other Dublin states to take on 280 people, and 62 people were transferred to Switzerland,” the Secretariat added.

In June, Switzerland also registered applications for protection status S made by Ukrainian nationals. A total of 3,719 Ukrainians were registered for application status S in federal asylum centres.

In the same month, June 2022, Switzerland granted protection status S to 4,852 Ukrainians. On the other hand, 175 Ukrainians were denied protection status S as they did not meet the criteria.

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