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How to become an Airbnb host in Canada in 4 steps

Checkout this amazing way of making money as an Airbnb host in Canada!

Apparently, search on how to become an Airbnb host in Canada continue to increase on daily basis. The reasons are connected to the ease of doing the job, monthly earnings of up to $10,000 and lots more.

Basically, Airbnb host list and connects property owners to intending buyers or occupants and provide opportunities to explore socio-cultural events.

Interestingly, becoming an Airbnb host in Canada comes with less risk because the market has continued to expand significantly. Canada also has lots of beautiful houses located in a peaceful environment and people love to own properties in Canada. The person that can’t afford buying also opts for rent so this makes Airbnb jobs very lucrative in Canada.

Canada host lots of immigrants yearly on different mission like schooling, working and other purposes. These immigrants will need houses to stay for short time and might prefer the services of Airbnb host for quality.

Additionally, Canada being a multicultural country is an advantage for Airbnb host to list cultural events and other social events.

Airbnb business started in 2007 and it currently it has 4 million Airbnb hosts and 5.6 million active listings.

Let begin to explore the details and tips to guide you on how to become an Airbnb host in Canada.

What is Airbnb hosting?
Is the process of connecting guest to listing owners of properties, space or houses on Airbnb marketplace. It is also involves showcasing cultural events on behalf of the planners to the guests online. So as an Airbnb host you get paid the moment booking or sales are confirmed.

Roles of Airbnb hosts in Canada
Eventually, you become an Airbnb host in Canada you will be expected to the following requirements

Be responsive: You should be active via all medium of communication so that you can reply to inquiries and trip requests within 24 hours.

Accept trip requests: let your guests feel secure and welcoming by accepting to embark on trip to legal and casual places with them.

Avoid cancelling on guests: Ensure you meet up with timeline and don’t give ways for cancellation of deals with guests.

Maintain a high overall rating: Always maintain consistency in your services and be innovative along trends so that increase and sustain high rating in the job.

Get more help on to how to become a successful Airbnb host in Canada.

Why is an Airbnb host a good Career in Canada?
Undoubtedly becoming an Airbnb host in Canada is a good career with great prospects because the scope keeps expanding. It is an undisputable fact that Airbnb is force to reckon with in the real estate markets at the moment. This is due to efficient listing by Airbnb hosts and fast booking or purchase by guests or prospects property owners.

Airbnb hosts get exposed to new skills, meet new people and established productive relationship across the globe. As an Airbnb host you can also be engaged in other paid jobs because hosting is not time demanding as such.

Averagely, an Airbnb host earns $7900 yearly from the total $110 billion earned by entire Airbnb hosts so far.

Other benefits to enjoy becoming an Airbnb host in Canada are listed below:

Work at your convenience, freedom And Flexibility.
Enjoy Incredible Tax Advantages.
Ability to diversify Your Investments
Steps on how to become an Airbnb host in Canada
These are the steps to follow to be a successful Airbnb host.

Firstly you sign up or register by providing all necessary information to get you registered as Airbnb host on the platform. You can as well download the mobile app online then register with your email address or phone number.

Secondly, build your host profile by sharing significant information about your experience as Airbnb host. This could be by adding testimonies, your previous listing and feedback and possibly your active social media platforms.

Thirdly, you proceed to listing your property on Airbnb platform as host, this is free service but very important. Here you need to provide a detailed description of your property to give the guest background knowledge of the property. Your description should include number of rooms, resting rooms, amenities available, location and how accessible the property is.

Mention the recreational facilities, worship centres, fast-food restaurants and other related needs around the property in your listing. Also while taking photos of the property for listing online ensure they are in sections, very bright and real as possible. Note when booking is confirmed Airbnb charges 3% to 5% but the hosting remains free.

Thirdly, the growth of your business or hosting become very necessary, this can be achieved by being creative and innovative.

Check on top rated Airbnb hosts in the platform to see their strategies and style of listing and connectivity. You may also go beyond listing of properties to hosting events that could capture or motivate guests for booking.

Your earnings on Airbnb largely depend on number of bookings confirmation so be creative and get necessary support from Airbnb.

Airbnb host pricing pattern in Canada

Absolutely, listing prices on Airbnb platform varies from one property to another taking into consideration of size and location. So when you become an Airbnb host in Canada, the platform will assist you by getting a better pricing strategy. The Airbnb does this by comparing the prices of similar properties alongside location and time of the year.

All you need to do as an Airbnb host is to input basic information about your listing or rental. The platform takes it up from there and provides you with range of listing prices to work with it.

What guest expect from Airbnb host

The following items are what most potential guests will be expecting from you when you become an Airbnb host in Canada.

  • Fitted security doors with burglaries for protection
  • Laundered bed linen on each bed
  • Sufficient pillows for each guest
  • Clean, good condition towels for each guest
  • Well  equipped kitchen for guests to cook their own meals comfortably
  • Access to hot water
  • Air conditioning and/or heating if/when necessary
  • Clothing hangers
  • TV (with cable or Netflix etc.)
  • Access to Wireless internet (WiFi)
  • Pressing Iron and ironing board
  • Washer/dryer and detergent
  • Easy path to the property
  • Extra pillows and blankets

Airbnb Host  can earn money without owning a property

 Considerably, you can become an Airbnb host in Canada without owning a property but still make good money. These are the ways Airbnb host makes money without actually owning a property.

  • Engage in Airbnb arbitrage renting services
  • Take the job of Airbnb short time rent manager
  • Assist a Airbnb host
  • Join a vacation rental franchise
  • Get the needed certification and become Airbnb consultant
  • Establish an Airbnb cleaning services
  • Work on becoming an Airbnb vacation marketing rental
  • You can also a Airbnb copywriter Learn photo shooting and become an Airbnb photographer Host Airbnb Classes like traditional guided tour, cooking class, or art class

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the frequently asked questions on how to become an Airbnb host in Canada as people search the internet.

How long does it take to become an Airbnb host?

It will take less than 72 hours to get your application approved as an Airbnb host.

Is being an Airbnb host profitable?

Yes, it is very profitable if you know the tricks of getting more bookings confirmed. Some Airbnb earn more than $1000 monthly while some earn far less especially the newbie in the job.

Is it hard to become an Airbnb host in Canada?

It’s neither hard nor easy to be an Airbnb host but if you are creative and determine you will succeed. There are people making significant daily because they already understand the scope of the job, get focused and learn continuously.

Is income declaration compulsory for Airbnb host in Canada?

Yes, it is advisable you get familiar with modular operandi of Canada revenue service. As long as you make money as an income online or offline you will need to pay taxes,

Can I register my Airbnb host business in Canada?

Yes you can register it as a business and also enjoy other protection and benefits of registered business in Canada

 As an Airbnb host do I need to share my information with Canada revenue Agency?

Nope, you don’t need to share your information with them except there is an order from the court mandating you.

Do Airbnb host face challenges in their jobs?

Yes, the job also comes with challenges such as late cancellations, social amenities problems and guests intolerance to each other.


Conclusively, Airbnb host in Canada is a very lucrative way to make money, it requires passion, determination and focus to succeed. Hopefully this article will be meaningful to you and worth sharing with friends and families.

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