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7 Reasons Why Foreign Students Stay In Canada After Graduation

You can settle in Canada after graduation from a Canadian university. Find out the top reasons!

There are many reasons why foreign students stay in Canada after graduation as it gives them more opportunities to explore Canada and it’s environment. Most students during their cost of studies do not have enough time to enjoy the good things in Canada.

For that reason, many wonder why people think that the country is good for tourism. Foreign students upon graduation can bring out time to explore this beautiful country. This is just on the fun level. Because there are much more than fun living in Canada.

The job opportunities in this country are much compared to many countries in the world. This coupled with the standard of living in the Canada where you enjoy high life with low cost.

For these reasons and others we will let you know in this, you will understand the reasons why international students stay in Canada after graduation. You will get to know our top ten reasons why you must remain in Canada after your studies.

But, before we discuss why must remain in Canada, let’s look at some few reasons why you must study in Canada in the first place.

Why do international students choose to study in Canada?
In life, we always love to make choices that will favour us. These choices we make most of the times because of the benefits of taking such action. Many international students come to study in Canada because of the benefits of studying in this North American country.

From the best universities to being one of the most peaceful places to live in. Canada offers students, especially foreign students an opportunity to study in a cool and peaceful environment.

See the reasons why Canada must be your destination for university or college education.

#1. Best Universities and Colleges
Canadian universities and colleges rank among the best in the world. According to QS World University Rankings 2019, 26 of Canada rank among the best 100 universities while 27 of them rank in the THE World University Rankings 2019. This is one the major reasons why international students troop in their numbers to study in Canada. Moreover, the academic standard in most Canadian universities and colleges compete with the best in the world.

#2. Affordable tuition fees
Not only are Canadian universities among the best in the world. They are also among the cheapest universities to study in. When compared with universities of the same standard, the tuition fees in most Canadian universities are low.

In addition to low and affordable tuition fees, you can still study for free in Canada with scholarships. You can apply for any of the available scholarships in Canada once you meet the minimum requirements.

The average tuition fee in Canada for international students is around $29, 714 CAD.

#3. Work while you study
One of the benefits of studying in Canada is thy you have the opportunity to work while you study. With your work permit, you can work for 20 hours per week in Canada as an international student while school is in session. You can also do a full time job during the summer and winter holidays. This has a double effect on you.

One, you are earning while you study. This helps you to take care of your expenses in Canada. Secondly, it will help you to get the desired work experience you will need after graduation in Canada.

#4. Research
One of the biggest reasons why Canadian education stands unique is because of its strong focus on research and development. If you’re a research scholar, there can be no country better than Canada.

The government of Canada offers great support to research in the disciplines of medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and technology. Canadian universities and colleges pride so much on research that they budget a lot of money for that. Students who plan to research on specific fields can get funding for that.

#5. Safe and peaceful environment
One of the most livable and peaceful countries in the world. Canada offers a conducive atmosphere to students for their studies. Many international students who come to Canada do so because they have heard that Canada ranks among the best countries to live in.

You don’t have security issues to deal with. So, you can focus on your studies. Moreover, Canadian citizens and residents are friendly and you don’t get racially abused. For this reason, Canada has become a home for many international students.

7 Reasons why foreign students stay in Canada after graduation
You have seen the reasons why you must choose to study in Canada. So, let’s look at the reasons why foreign students stay in Canada after graduation. They include:

  1. Work permit after graduation
  2. Transition to permanent residence
  3. Good opportunities
  4. Peaceful environment to start a family
  5. High standard of living
  6. Diverse culture
  7. Family sponsorship

#1: Work permit after graduation

One of the reasons why foreign students stay in Canada after graduation is because they are sure that they can get a Canadian work permit. The Post Graduate Work Permit allows fresh graduates from a university to work after their studies. This will allow the student to get the required work experience needed for permanent residence in Canada.

For this reason, students may like to stay back in Canada upon graduation. This is because they know that they will be able to work. Not only that, they also have a chance to obtain a Canadian PR after sometimes.

#2: Transition to permanent residence

Yes, you heard me well. You can transition from temporary residence to permanent residence in Canada. However, you must have at least 2 to 3 years of work experience. Students who have working experience can apply for Canadian PR under the Express Entry system.

This system allows all eligible candidates to compete in a point grid system where the best candidates are selected. There are three programs under this system and they include:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canada Experience Class

Eligible students can use any of these programs to transition to permanent residence in Canada. This is one of the simplest ways to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident.

#3: Good opportunities

Another reason why students stay in Canada after graduation is because of the opportunities available in Canada. Canada offers all a good opportunity to thrive. Many students who stay back in Canada do so because they know that the opportunities they have in Canada to succeed is higher. The higher percentage of students who stay back are from Asia and Africa.

These students know that Canada offers them a good place to start their careers. Even students from the developed countries also stay back in Canada to enjoy the ample opportunities to work in Canada.

#4: Peaceful environment to start a family

Ranked as one of the most peaceful countries to live in the world. Canada is a good place to live in, especially if you want to start a family. Canadian cities rank among the best cities both in terms of livability and attractions. Canada is blessed with a lot of natural attractions. Coupled with that, there are a lot of activities to make life fun in Canada.

Moreover, this is not just why you must stay in Canada after graduation. If you want a seren environment to train your children, Canada is the place. Peaceful, calm, quiet to mention but a few. Above all, Canadian citizens are lovely and accommodating without any reported cases of racism in the country. So, you will always fee at home while living in Canada.

#4: High standard of living

The standard of living in Canada is high compared to many countries in the world. An average resident in Canada can afford basic necessities of life. This can also be afforded at a low cost. Thus, you can get a good standard of living in Canada without spending much.

This is unlike many countries where you spend much without enjoying a good living standard. When compared with countries like USA, UK and other developed countries. Living in Canada is very cheap and affordable to foreigners. Therefore, many students find it as a reason why they stay in Canada after graduation.

#6: Diverse culture

The cultural diversity in Canada can be seen by the number of foreigners in the country. Canada welcomes more immigrants than most countries. This eventually adds to the cultural diversity of the country. All Canadian cities are buzzing with people from different cultures and languages. Moreover, being a country that has both English and French as official languages, it is easy for foreigners to settle down.

For this reason, the country attracts many foreigners especially international students who come to study in the country. Canada also has some international festivals that keep the residents busy during summer. Thus, immigrants feel more at home in Canada than most countries.

#7: Family sponsorship

Another great reason why you should stay in Canada after graduation is the fact that you can sponsor your family members to come to Canada as a citizen or permanent resident in Canada. The family sponsorship program allows both international students and permanent residents to sponsor their family members to come to Canada.

Once eligible, you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner, children and other relatives. However, you must be 18 years to sponsor a family member.


In conclusion, Canada allows foreign students to stay back in Canada after graduation to help them contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy. These students are offered a Post Graduate Work Permit which allows them to work in Canada.

This and other reasons make students to continue living in Canada upon graduation from a Canadian university or college.

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