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5 Steps to become a Librarian in Canada

Here are simple 5 steps to becoming a librarian in Canada.

It is worthwhile to become a librarian in Canada because of their vital roles in most research and development organizations.

Certainly, you can’t become a librarian in Canada with just your high school certificate though it a basic requirement. You will definitely get to know the minimum qualifications and other steps to become a librarian in Canada.

Undoubtedly, librarian make progress in their career, this is evident in their ranks and amount received as salaries.

Interestingly, not only Canadians can become a librarian in Canada, immigrants with the eligibility requirements can also enjoy this opportunity.

So, as you read through this article you will get to know who a librarian is, job responsibilities, NOC. Including Steps on how to become a librarian, work places for librarian, and frequently asked questions.

Who is a librarian?

Librarian is a person who has acquired minimum academic qualification to professionally manage learning and research materials in the library.

In addition, the Librarian ensures resource materials are constantly available and accessible in the library and also engages in research for new innovations.

The first librarian in the world is Ashurbanipal he was the king of Assyria. He created and managed the first library in the 8 century BC.

Note, in some settings or environment librarian can also be called cataloguer, bibliotheca, curator, archivist, custodian, keeper and caretaker.

National occupation Code for a librarian in Canada NOC
Having basic knowledge and understanding of NOC before you become a librarian in Canada will guide you in job responsibilities.

In Canada librarians work under the National occupation code 5111, all duties outside this code are restricted for Canada librarians

Job responsibilities of a librarian in Canada

Eventually, you become a librarian in Canada and started working in any of the libraries. The duties you will be performing will be in accordance to NOC 5111 so find below the duties below accordingly.

  • You will recommend acquisition of books, periodicals and audio-visual, interactive media and other materials for inclusion in library collection.
  • In charge of providing reference services to students and others in need.
  • Assist in selecting, classification, cataloguing  and weed library materials.
  • You will be preparing bibliographies, indexes, reading lists, guides and other finding aids.
  • You will be in charge of developing systems to access library collections.
  • Perform manual, on-line and interactive media reference searches to assist users in accessing library materials and arrange for interlibrary loans
  • Develop taxonomies using various information and data sources
  • Provide specialized programs for children, seniors and other groups
  • Conduct library information and orientation training programs and tours
  • Perform related administrative duties and supervise library technicians, assistants and clerks.

Why is librarian a good career in Canada?

Absolutely, choosing librarian as a career has lots of benefits, for instance an entry level librarian earn $20 hourly. Also mid experience librarian earns $31 hourly  and experienced librarian earn $34 hourly on average.

Most importantly librarian working in Federal government library earns the highest then to provincial, special and Curator library.

Progressively, you can become Librarian and Archivist of Canada through your academic qualifications, membership certification and wealth of experience.

Obviously attaining such peak of career as librarian comes with huge monetary and honorary benefits. So building your librarian portfolio is very important and necessary for career progression.

Workplaces for librarian in Canada

In case you’re wondering of places to work when you become a librarian in Canada, don’t worry about that. Find below places you can work as a librarian in Canada at different positions.

  • Academic library such as university, college private and public schools libraries.
  • Government library such as federal government, provincial, military and district libraries
  • Special library such as archives and museums, hospital libraries technology firms libraries and lots more.

5 steps on how to become a librarian in Canada

Basically, these are the steps on how to become a librarian in Canada and build your career successfully.

Firstly, you need to meet minimum academic qualification to become a librarian in Canada which is diploma in library science.

Diploma certificate enables you to secure job as library assistant which primarily expose you to practical knowledge in library practices.

However to progress you need to acquire bachelor degree in library science, and Master of Library and Information Science (MLS).

Secondly, choose your specialization as a librarian; this is important there are six or more categories of librarians. They include:

  • Public librarian
  • Administrative services librarian
  • User service librarian
  • Technical services librarian
  • Academic librarian
  • Specialty librarian.

The moment you have a defined specialization as a librarian, your choice of internship and job search will be easier

Thirdly, acquiring basic experience for minimum of 5 years will definitely be an advantage to your career progression. In Canada a librarian with 5 years of experience earn higher than entry-level librarian even with the same qualification.

You can more experience in this job through internship in libraries of specialization and voluntary services in libraries close by.

Fourthly, you can build your librarian portfolio through professional courses and certification in

librarianship especially in your area of specialization.

Such professional courses are library and information science (LIS) and American library association ALA or its equivalent in Canada.

Including Archives and special collections certificate program, profession certificate in accounting, database management and other relevant computer certifications programs.

No doubt with these certification you will compete favorably and access high paying jobs with prospects.

Lastly, come up with a comprehensive resume and send application to top-notch libraries in your area of specialization.

How can I become a teacher-librarian in Canada?

Generally, to become a teacher-librarian in Canada you must have the following qualifications listed below:

  • Master’s Degree in Library Science or h a Teacher-Librarian Diploma;
  • Post-baccalaureate professional studies in school librarianship.
  • Belong to the BC Teacher-Librarians Association.

Do I need a license to become a librarian in Canada?

Nope, license is not needed to become a librarian in Canada, your academic qualification and experience is the basics. However, you should membership association like Canadian Federation of Library Associations / Fédération Canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB). There are benefits attached to joining such associations and they have provincial branches.

Important skills needed to become a librarian in Canada

Apparently, to become a librarian in Canada, you need some soft and technical skills to work or practice efficiently. The skills are mostly searched for by employers of labour, find them below:

Efficient Organizational skills:  Disorderliness of research and learning materials in the library are inevitable but with your organization skills such can be minimized. This can be through constant monitoring of activities in the library with respect to details and time.

Data collection skills:  This skill is necessary to Liberians because it is used in analyzing regular collection, insertion and retrieval of library materials. Ensure you have data collection skills regardless the section library you work with, you can be in the hiring section anytime.

Excellent communication skills: Communication is vital in library activities therefore your writing, speaking, listening and reading abilities must excellent. Excellent communication skills will assist you in addressing problems amicably and make recommendations.

Good decision-making skills: This skill requires that your intelligence, smartness and understanding the job significantly so that your decisions are impactful and reasonable. So as you plan to become a librarian in Canada work on your decision-making skills for library and its user’s growth.

Problem-solving skills: This skill will allow you to make amicable dispute resolutions whenever there are dispute between employees and ensure a functional library.

Customer service skills:  As a librarian or an assistant having customer relation skills will enable you to manage weaknesses of your customers. There are libraries that have lost clients as a result of bad customer relations so it is an important skill.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find below some frequently asked questions asked by people planning to become a librarian in Canada.

Can immigrate to Canada as a librarian?

Yes, you can immigrate to Canada as a librarian.

Are librarian jobs available in Canada?

There has been continuous demand for librarians by the federal and provincial government likewise private-owned libraries in Canada. So the jobs are readily available just ensure you meet all the criteria especially for the experience positions.

How much does a school earn in a year?

 A librarian employ in entry position earn minimum of $57,126 while an experienced librarian earn $83,649 yearly.

What are the types of librarians in the profession?  

Find below the types of librarians in the profession and by their names you can easily understand their workplace.

  • Public librarians.
  • School librarians.
  • Academic librarians.
  • Specialty-focused librarians.

Are computer skills important for a librarian in Canada?          

Acquiring computer skill should go alongside your academic program which is basic your becoming a librarian in Canada. This is due to the fact that the world has using technology to solve problems in a short time.  Activities such as finding, retrieving, and returning of library materials can easily be handle your knowledge in database.


To become librarian in Canada come with ease if you all requirements are available and jobs are readily available. Building a career as a librarian in Canada is progressive and beneficial.

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