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5 Steps to Become a Game Reviewer in Canada

Find out how to become a game reviewer in Canada in five simple steps!

For everyone who enjoys video games, becoming a game reviewer might be a smooth way to step into the industry. You can enjoy playing games as a hobby, and you will also receive pay for playing them! How more exciting can that be? While earning through playing games may not always be the case for game reviewers, reviewing games is a great way to get established in the industry. This article covers the basics you need to know to become a game reviewer in Canada.

Who is a Game Reviewer in Canada?
A game reviewer is someone who plays video games that are under development in order to check for errors. In the world of game development, such errors are called glitches or bugs. It is the work of the game reviewer to discover these bugs as he plays the game and points them out to the game developers.

Game reviewers test games extensively. They often have to repeat the same level of a game severally. While doing this, they try all play permutations possible. This makes sure they have not left anything that could become a potential glitch behind.

Besides noting errors or bugs while playing games, game reviewers can also proffer or suggest potential solutions to the errors. They work closely with programmers and technical members of the game development team, who are responsible for fixing all bugs.

Game reviewers are also called game testers or quality assurance testers.

Responsibilities of Game Reviewers in Canada

Game reviewers perform some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Primarily, game reviewers play a newly developed game to look for bugs and other defects.
  • When they find a bug, they figure out how to fix it (known as reproducing).
  • They may also need to type a bug report using the programmer’s bug tracking software.
  • Game reviewers are responsible for adequately reporting a bug or defect to programmers and other members of the developing team. They do this either by sending a bug report or through other means of communication.
  • In addition, game reviewers play newer versions of a video game that are still under development and test them for productiveness. While doing this, they may compare the latest version with previous versions to determine if the new version truly incorporates all improvements.
  • They attend meetings with the development team or other game reviewers they are working with to analyze game reviews and strategize on improvement methods.
  • Lastly, a game reviewer helps the game development team by providing extra details on tracking a bug or in any other way applicable.

Why is Being a Game Reviewer in Canada a Good Career Path?

#1. High Demand

The world of video games is still very young, and much is yet to be explored. Several games are being created weekly, and programmers always want to know if they are doing the right thing. Because of this, they love to work with game reviewers who analyze and criticize the quality of their games. As long as there is a demand for video games, there will always be a demand for video game reviewers.

#2. Remote Working Option

Being a game reviewer allows you to choose if you’d want to work from the comfort of your home or meet physically with game developers. It is quite easy to freelance or work remotely as a game reviewer. You’d only need to have your set up game consoles and other equipment while the developers send the game to you and tell you their needs.

Technology has made feedback across both parties easily, and collaboration with game developing companies can never be challenging, even when working remotely.

#3. Negotiable Pay

Although the wages per hour for game reviewers vary across game developing companies and provinces in Canada, this is an occupation that allows both parties (the company and the game reviewer) to negotiate prices easily.

Most times, you can decide the way you want based on your terms. A company may even provide you with the gaming materials you need if you can strike the deal with them.

#4. Increasing Job Prospect

Improved technology has made the world of video games limitless. Improved picture and sound production, 3D effects, and other technological advancements have made playing video games more intriguing.

With more people willing to play video games, the need for creativity and the development of newer and technologically relevant video games have increased.

Also, the video game industry is generating impressive amounts of revenue annually. This is making huge tech companies like Google and Facebook consider stepping into the video game industry, which makes the industry only more industrious.


The interesting thing for you as a game reviewer is that with more games being developed, there will also be an increase in demand for game reviewers. You stand a chance now, more than ever before, to get a game reviewing job, and the opportunities are set to increase in the coming years.

Steps to Become a Game Reviewer in Canada

Becoming a game reviewer is relatively easy and devoid of many protocols and professionalism like most other occupations. These are the most important thing to do:

#1. Earn a High School Diploma

Most professional occupations require you to earn a bachelor’s degree and sometimes top it with a master’s. But this is not usually the case with being a game reviewer. You can readily start your career as a game reviewer in Canada with a high school diploma, a GED, or any other equivalent to prove academic knowledge at the high school level.

Employers may never ask for your high school diploma, but you need the basic communication and intellectual skills you will learn from high school or any other equivalent program.

Note that a bachelor’s and even postgraduate degree in relevant programs will grant you an edge when landing jobs, but they are not a prerequisite. In this field, your experience and talent are usually what matters the most.

#2. Be a Video Game Player

Of course! Don’t even think of becoming a game reviewer without having played video games extensively. How would you even identify potential bugs in a game if you are not accustomed to how video games work?

Most video game reviewers start out as game players and enthusiasts. They learn the dynamics of video games and what makes a good game from consistent playing. As a video game reviewer, you need to build an active interest in video games and be willing to play a game level as many times as possible to look out for bugs.

Consider playing enough video games as the important work experience you need to become a successful video game reviewer.

#3. Get a Relevant College Degree

Although a college degree is not a prerequisite to becoming a game reviewer in Canada, it can grant you leverage. The game development industry is fast becoming competitive, and companies are looking for the best to work with. Asides from your experience and interest in playing video games, a college degree in a relevant field will be a major lift for you and grant you recognition.

Precisely, you should consider a degree in video game design. However, you can also do well by taking a degree in several other relevant fields. Programming, animation, graphics design, sound production, digital arts, software development, media design and game art are all related fields you can get a degree in. Even a basic degree in computer science or engineering can grant you so much leverage.

You may also discover that you are more interested in one of these aspects of video game development, and that is what you will be reviewing games for. For example, you may only be concerned about the quality of the animation, sound, or the relativity of the characters used in designing the game.

#4. Consider Gaining Work Experience in Certain Fields

Becoming a video game reviewer involves more than just playing video games. Depending on your approach, you may need to be writing extensively about different video games, reviewing the design or branding of the game and ultimately providing quality assurance on video games.

Therefore, having experience in specific jobs can make finding your career as a game reviewer easier. Previous work experience in quality assurance, product design, writing product reviews, media presentations, and so on are great for getting you rapidly familiar with the task of being a game reviewer.

#5. Have a Resume and Cover Letter Tailored to Game Reviewing

As you may have already known, the strength of your resume and cover letter is very important for landing the right job. But you shouldn’t expect to use the same resume and cover letter you used when applying for a job as a data analyst or security personnel to apply for a position as a game reviewer.

These credentials have to be very tailored to the job you are applying for, showing only the most relevant details to the position.

While preparing your resuming and cover letter for game reviewing job applications, include educational attainments, certifications, and skills that are relevant to the field. Don’t forget to include previous work experiences that you think are needed for successful game reviewing.

As a game reviewer, you need soft skills like excellent communication and writing, self-motivation, and critical thinking. You should also have the ability to solve problems quickly and be detail-oriented.

Your cover letter should show how much you’ve been doing to prepare yourself for the role while explaining using facts and figures relevant feats you’ve achieved in the past years.

Does being a Game Reviewer in Canada Require Licensing by any Province?

You do not need licensing or certification to become a game reviewer in any province in Canada. There are no distinct professional bodies supervising game reviewing yet. Therefore, there are no special work regulations or requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Game Reviewer Earn in Canada?

The average pay for game reviewers in Canada is about $36,000 per year or about $18.5 per hour. Game reviewers can earn as low as $17,000 annually or as high as $132,000 per annum.

Do I Need a College Degree to Become a Game Reviewer in Canada

Most companies that employ game reviewers do not make having a college degree a prerequisite. They focus more on experience and the skills of those applying. However, a college degree in a relevant field can land you better-paying jobs and make you fit to scale up easily in the game development industry.

How do you become a game reviewer?

The essential requirements for a career as a game reviewer vary depending on the level of work. Professionals normally require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, although hobbyists and amateurs can become game reviewers by simply submitting evaluations to sales platforms or game industry websites.


Aiming to become a game reviewer is an opportunity-laden endeavour. There are even more prospects for game reviewers in developed countries like Canada. Technology and rising trends also show the future is bright for the video game industry. This article has provided you with the essential information you need to become a game reviewer in Canada. Do you find the read educative enough? Leave a comment below

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