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5 Popular Freelance Jobs in Canada – Websites to Find Them

Find out more about popular freelancing jobs in Canada and websites you can find them.

An excellent alternative to immigrants searching for jobs in Canada is to become a freelancer. It can be pretty hard to find on-site jobs, and sometimes, the pay may not be commensurate enough. On the contrary, freelance jobs in Canada are easy to tweak to your standards.

You can determine your work time and the pay you would want to receive per job. Most importantly, freelancing in Canada is a great way to save money from transportation costs and automobile maintenance.

In addition, being a freelancer grants your enough freedom and allows you to work at your own pace. In fact, you may be able to combine two or more jobs as a freelancer.

For example, you can have an on-site job where you work on weekdays or part-time and a freelancing job that you can do at any convenient time.

As a matter of fact, you can also work as a freelancer while still studying in Canada. That way, you will make enough money to cater to yourself as a student and pay necessary academic fees.

Of course, this is not to say there are no downsides to getting a freelance job in Canada. However, you can weigh your options and decide if working as a freelancer will be the best option for you.

That said, this article will focus on five popular freelance jobs in Canada and the websites where you can land such jobs. First of all, for clarity’s sake, we will explain who a freelancer is so you can fully understand all it takes to become one in Canada.

Who is a Freelancer?
The meaning of freelancing is not as complicated as you may have thought. According to Investopedia, a freelancer is an independent laborer who earns wages per job or task, typically for short-term work. Essentially, a freelancer is not an employee for any organization. However, a freelancer may work for a company on a contractual basis or until a particular goal is achieved.

Some of the most significant benefits of freelancing are:

  • The freedom to work from home or from anywhere else you deem comfortable.
  • Work schedule flexibility, with the opportunity to work at your own pace
  • As a result, working freelancing jobs allows you to have a better work-life balance.

As a freelancer, you usually have little or no work requirements to meet. For example, to work in a Canadian company, you may need to possess previous years of experience or even specific certifications. However, most freelance jobs do not come with these requirements. You only need to convince clients of what you can do, and you could begin to land great jobs soon enough.

Freelancers use internet technology as leverage for finding jobs and communicating with clients. Currently, different online platforms serve as communities for freelancers. Such communities help freelancers and their clients to find each other easily.

Although what you can do as a freelancer has no limits, freelancing jobs typically tend towards the creative space, such as design, writing, photography, programming, tutoring, editing, and so on.

Requirements to Become a Freelancer in Canada

Basically, to become a freelancer, you only need to be excellent at what you do, and freelance jobs in Canada are not an exception.

Below are the essential things you need to become a freelancer in Canada:

  • A residential permit to stay in Canada
  • A skill in any field that you can confidently freelance in
  • A strong network of other freelancers in the same field as you

Note that you do not need to have a registered business to work as a freelancer in Canada. However, if you feel the need to make a corporation out of your freelancing career, you can do that whenever you deem fit.

Tax Implications of Working a Freelancing Job in Canada

Generally, freelancers are seen as self-employed persons. Therefore, they must pay tax in accordance with the guidelines of the country they reside in. For freelancers living in Canada, there are tax implications that they must meet.

First of all, any income you earn in Canada should be reported to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You will need to fill a form T2125, that is, a Statement of Business or Professional Activities. Once you do this, the CRA will begin to deduct tax from your earnings.

For self-employed persons in Canada, taxes are not deducted per each earning. Instead, you will pay your tax as a lump sum at the end of the year. Importantly, note that part of the percentage calculated from your earnings as payable tax will be remitted into your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions.

5 Popular Freelance Jobs in Canada

Freelancing is an extensive field filled with numerous opportunities. You can do almost anything as a freelancer, and you can easily specialize in a distinct niche. These are the best freelance jobs in Canada you can lay your hands on as an immigrant to the country:


From time immemorial, writing has been one of the commonest types of freelancing jobs. With the recent business and digital marketing trend, writing has become an essential tool for many businesses to market themselves.

Moreover, thousands of people out there have ideas, inspirations, stories, discoveries, or research they’ll love to put into writing. All of these create an excellent space for writers to find their feet, especially freelance writers.

In Canada, freelance writing jobs are vast. They involve specializations like ghostwriting, social media content creation, editing, proofreading, copywriting, blogging, academic writing, and much more.


If you are already skilled in photography, you can consider taking freelance photography jobs in Canada.

The best thing to do as a photographer is to find a niche in the photography space. Also, you will need to invest in the proper photography gear if your pictures must come out professional.

Next, you will need a portfolio to present to clients. As a photographer, you can easily leverage social media to market yourself and gain more clients.

Mind you, though, the nature of your job as a photographer may require you to meet physically with clients, especially if you will be shooting them.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most promising freelance jobs in Canada. This is because all businesses are leveraging digital technology to promote their businesses.

Usually, business owners hire experts to do this, and they are paid handsomely in return. The beautiful thing is you can engage in freelance digital marketing where your clients only have to contact you and give you specific details of what they’ll want you to achieve.

Another interesting fact about digital marketing is that it is a wide field. You could do just anything from copywriting to ads to SEO and Google Analytics. Whatever you do, the goal is to be good at it so potential clients can trust you to do your job well.

Mostly, digital marketers work on a project or contract basis, although they may also work long-term for an organization.


With the rapid embrace of technology all over the world, more and more freelance designers are needed for many reasons. Granted that, there are many things you can specialize in as a freelance designer. Graphics and logo designs, web design, App UI/UX design, product design are only a few out of the many design fields you can focus on as a freelancer in Canada.

Currently, nearly all businesses would require the services of a designer. From a logo to advertorial fliers, book cover, app interface, or website, the need for designers is endless.

One thing designers need particularly to start selling fast is a rich portfolio. Clients can see how good they are and begin to employ them from their portfolios.

Just Anything

Although most freelance jobs in Canada are biased towards persons in technology, you can do just anything as a freelancer. So long as it is feasible for you to work remotely, without your client being physically with you, then you can become a freelancer in that field.

Transcribing, translation, web or app development, sound production, consulting, guidance and counseling, tutoring, and so on – the list is endless on fields you can explore for freelance jobs in Canada. Digital skills make good freelancing jobs. However, you can explore other fields as well such as accounting, law, or medicine.

Fortunately, many persons today share positive views about working with freelancers. Most times, clients consider previous works and reviews from past customers before choosing a freelancer to work with. Nevertheless, you can find your feet quick enough, even as a starter.

Remarkably, what all freelancers need is the ability to offer self-motivation, grit to work under pressure, and excellent project management skills.

Best 4 Websites to Find Freelancing Jobs in Canada

It is one thing to decide to become a freelancer, and it is another to find freelancing jobs in Canada easily. Finding the right job can become a major challenge for you as a freelancer, especially when you are just starting. Fortunately, there are websites where freelancers and clients can readily find each other.

Here, we have highlighted four of such websites. On any of these freelance websites, you can land some of the best freelance jobs in Canada.


You can find any kind of freelancing gig on Freelancer.ca. The good thing about this platform is that most jobs here are from Canadians, which can be something you are really particular about. The platform matches you with potential clients based on the information you provide in your profile.


Upwork is the home of remote jobs from anywhere in the world. Some of the biggest freelancers around the globe can accredit their success to working on Upwork. Even at that, Upwork is a great platform for beginners too. It uses a friendly style of operation that matches you with clients based on your profile.

You can work with anyone, anywhere in the world, using Upwork. Interestingly, you will also find big companies on Upwork as they periodically come around to get freelancers for major projects.


Fiverr’s game is fair and allows you to get jobs that pay from as low as $5. Yet, you can get high-paying gigs on Fiverr too. From writing to voice-over jobs, coding, and graphic design, Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers all over the world.


99designs could be a good place for you to start as a freelance graphic designer in Canada. The platform is strictly for designers, so you can be sure any job that comes knocking is related to your fields. Companies love to find freelancers on 99designs because they know everyone there does just what they are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions on Freelance Jobs in Canada

How Much Can Freelancers Make in Canada?

When it comes to earnings, opportunities for freelancers in Canada are limitless. Depending on how good you are, how high you can bid, and how many jobs you can take at a time, freelancers can earn up to thousands of Canadian dollars per month.

On the average, freelancers can earn up to $23.50 per hour, amounting to about $45,825 per year. If you are just starting, you could make lower rates but experienced freelancers as high as $130,000 annually.

Can I Work as a Freelancer in Canada?

Yes. Since you can freelance anywhere, you can definitely reside in Canada as a freelancer. However, you must understand that you will be taken as a self-employed worker. You must also abide by all guidelines, especially those that do with taxes.


Working in Canada as a freelancer can become a lucrative job for immigrants. You could become a freelancer as additional work or do it full time. There are numerous websites where you can readily find freelance jobs in Canada.

But first, you must develop yourself to become reasonably experienced at what you do. We believe that this post will serve as a guide and expose you to popular freelance jobs you can lay your hands on in Canada.


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