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4 Steps to Become a Health Inspector in Canada

Learn how to become a health inspector in this prose!

Health inspectors are important public personnel that oversees the safety and health of the general public. The job outlook and career prospects of Health inspectors have increased in recent times. So, here we provide illumination on how to become a health inspector in Canada.

In this article, you will learn about who a health inspector is, the responsibilities of a health inspector, the types of health inspectors in Canada, the steps to becoming a health inspector, and the job prospect in Canada. Keep reading.

Who is a health inspector?
A Health inspector is a professional that oversees the standard health and sanitation conditions in various Industries. Basically, they visit public health disturbances in shops, factories, restaurants, and various food facilities to inspect and ensure that they meet the safety standard that is stated by the government of Canada.

Also, they measure the chemical, biological, and physical hazards of different places, and review the environmental and safety conditions in schools, nursing homes, public pools, daycare centers, and lots more. Ensuring that the public facilities are free of hazards.

As a health inspector, you must take action towards the complaint of health issues such as campground inspection, and sewage overflow. As well as increased flies, animal bites, and parasites diseases in different areas.

Types of Health Inspector

There are many types of health inspectors that you can become in Canada. Some of which are given below.

#1. Community health worker
A community health worker is a type of health inspector who lectures individuals of a community about public health. They plan educational programs and events to tutor and train Healthcare workers on ways to increase health resources and safety in the community.

#2. Epidemiologist
Without a doubt, an epidemiologist is a health inspector that has a research-based profile. They function as to investigate the symptoms, causes, and patterns of different diseases.

Basically, you will be focusing on communicable diseases and ways to solve the problem. Also, you will work to conduct and plan studies on public health issues. You will do this by collecting and analyzing data to know the origin of a disease outbreak.

#3. Occupational health and safety specialist
This is a type of health inspector that observe workplace and establishment to locate health and safety hazards. Their work also encompasses inspection of the workplace to ensure that safety measures are implemented. However, if an organization fails to adhere, they have the rights to condemn such establishment.

Responsibilities of health inspector
Without a doubt, the duties and responsibilities of a health inspector encompass the inspection of companies and public places that are involved in manufacturing or production. Oftentimes, health inspectors spend most of their work hours traveling. They travel around the local government or state governments to ensure the safety of employees and the general public.

Grades are awarded to businesses on their level of sanitation, and a business owner may be sued if compliance is low. If they have an offense against an establishment, they will provide evidence of their claims at the court proceedings. Therefore, here are some of the roles of a health inspector.

#1. Ensuring safety
Health inspectors must ensure that an establishment provides a safe environment for its employees. They will oversee the physical, chemical, and biological workplace hazards and reveal the extent of safety of the health of the workers or employees.

#2. Inspection
When you become a health inspector in Canada you will carry out inspection activities to ensure that the sanitary condition of public places is in order. Places such as hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, and other public areas. If you find out that the safety and health guidelines are not adhered to, you can discontinue the license of the organization.

#3. Receive objection
You will have to receive complaints that have to do with safety and health issues. These issues encompasses disease outbreaks, workplace accidents, and exposure to chemicals. You will meet with the management of the organization for effective measures to resolve the issues related to workplace hazards and hygiene.

#4. Training

When you become an inspector in Canada you have to train the general public and employees about public health, workplace safety, and environmental protection. Also, you will make sure that employees follow the hygiene and standard measure of safety that is regulated by the local or states authority.

Also, you will instruct the protocol of health safety and make sure that all employees in the organization adhere to it.

#5. Shut down establishments
Without a doubt, a health inspector can close down an establishment and cancel the license of a company if they violate the standard of safety and health given by the state or local government authority. You’ll provide the evidence against the establishment in court proceedings, stating the reason why you cancel the license of the establishment. With reasons such as how the lives of employees are at risk or the use of toxic substances in the production of food.

#6. Handle Vector Disease Monitoring

Health inspector has to monitor public areas where animals and insects are liable to put people in health danger. Dangers such as spread by ticks, West Nile virus, and Lyme disease. You will collect specimens for mosquito traps and send them to labs for testing. People in risk areas will be advised to use insect repellent or put on protective clothing to prevent bites.

4 Steps to Become a Health Inspector in Canada
Health inspection as a career is generally a rewarding and novel career for people with a passion for public health and safety. There are different job prospects and careers for health inspectors in Canada. So in these four steps, you will know how to become a health inspector in Canada

Step one: Get a degree
Firstly, to become a health inspector in Canada, you need to get a degree. Getting a bachelor’s degree in either environmental science or programs that are equivalent will open the door to your career. Basically, your bachelor’s degree program will take about three to four years to complete. You will cover courses in social health, physical sciences, ethics, and environmental health legislature during your training.

Step two: Complete a 12-week practicum
After getting your degree from an institution, the next step is to finish completing your 12-week practicum hands-on training. Your training will be supervised by a certified health inspector that has recognition at the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.

During this period, you will have to apply your theoretical knowledge from school to real-life situations.

Step three: Get certification
After completion of your 12-week practicum, the next step to becoming a health inspector in Canada is to become certified as a health inspector. You will have to complete an oral examination and submit two field reports to the Canadian Institute of public health inspectors.

If you meet the requirements for certification, you will receive your certificate in public health inspection. You can flaunt your professional credentials by using the designation of CPHI(C) after your name.

Step four: Continue educational and professional development
So, the next step to becoming an outstanding health inspector in Canada after your certification as a public health inspector is to continue with your professional development and ongoing education. This will ascertain that your certification is in positive standing.

You can choose from several options ranging from annual conferences to virtual workshops, and a formal continuing professional competencies program, this program is with the Canadian Institute of Public Health.

Note that these training opportunities will help you develop your knowledge and skills. You will be able to maintain your certification as you become more successful and competent.

Job prospects for Health Inspector
The rate at which disease outbreaks and health concerns increase has made the job outlook of health inspectors in Canada increase over time. There is an estimation of 11% job growth in public health careers in about two years. Hence, if you’re having a plan to become a health inspector you might not have to worry excessively about getting a job in this field after graduation.

If you have a good academic standing your promotion will be easy as well. However, at the entry-level, your career might not be stable because of the high level of competition. But as you assume senior-level roles, the competition will be less.

Frequently Ask Question
What is the salary of health inspectors in Canada?
Averagely, the salary of a health inspector in Canada is $80,126 per annum. But at an entry-level position, the salary is about $61,337.

How do I become a food safety inspector in Canada?
To become a food safety inspector in Canada, the minimum qualification is a university degree. Preference is given to applicants with a specialization in chemistry.

How do I become a health inspector in British Columbia?
Firstly, you must be certified and then complete a field training practicum, after which you submit a report and pass the Institute exam.

In conclusion, health inspection is a career with satisfaction and accomplishments. It is a career that sees to the health and safety of the public. We have provided you with the four steps to becoming a health inspector to launch you into your dreams in Canada.

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